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What Strategic College Consulting Does

Strategic College Consulting is an educational company founded by Dr. Jeffrey Haig, who is dedicated to helping families navigate the college and financial planning process. We help students develop a game plan that maximizes college admissions success!

Some of our concentrations include college planningtransfer students, prep schoolgrad schoolinternational students, and paying for college. We also host seminars & workshops domestically and internationally.

Strategic College Consulting is the premier college planning company

Our focus is to help families navigate the oftentimes confusing, daunting, and competitive college planning process. We develop strategic college planning strategies at each stage of the college planning process. Our goal is to also help families get as much FREE money as possible.

Learn how we can help you develop your college planning strategy to maximize your success.

Featured in Top Publications & News Sources
Featured in Top Publications & News Sources

I am thankful to have a college counselor who genuinely cares about his students. I always felt like you were giving me advice specific to my situation, without giving standardized, blanket ideas like so many other college counselors seem to do. I truly cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me!

Nicole Minkina

Yale University, Full Scholarship (Accepted to 7 of 8 Ivy League Universities)

Mr. Jeff Haig is by far one of the most inspirational and helpful mentors I have ever met. Not only does he provide the knowledge and experience to guide my every endeavor and make all of my aspirations reachable, but he also serves as a teacher, counselor, and friend. He will always be remembered for his words of encouragement and genuine desire to assure that I succeed. JEFF HAIG IS THE MAN! I would not have ever asked for anyone else.

Benison Choi

Northwestern University, Scholarship

Dr. Haig gives great advice to students on how to gain an edge when applying to colleges. He provides individual advice specially tailored around each student’s major and career pursuits. Without Dr. Haig I would not have been able to know what it takes to get into a high level university and make myself stand out in a large pool of applicants. He does a great job making the college application process as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Sagar Telang

UCLA, Scholarship

Jeff was fundamental not only in guiding me through this process but also in motivating me to achieve my full potential. Dr. Haig was always there for me whenever I needed help. The impact of his work cannot be quantified, and the joy of being accepted into a top, dream school is priceless and will allow me to conquer my most far-reaching ambitions. I am extremely proud of what I was able to achieve through Dr. Haig's mentoring and know, for a fact, that I would not be in the position I am today had it not been for Jeff.

Rodrigo Palmaka

UC Berkeley

Thank you for all of your help! We really appreciate it. You showed a sincere interest in helping our daughter through the college planning and application process. We saw counselors before you and you stood out. You spent countless hours with us and you were very personal which made all of the difference. Additionally, you were always available to discuss and engage to make sure our daughter stood out. You definitely show a true care for helping your students and it shows it all that you do. You were fantastic and the results were more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you!

Lyana Gordon

Stanford University, Full Scholarship

I can't imagine how difficult it would have been to get through the overwhelming application process without the help of Jeff Haig.  Through assigned deadlines and scheduled meetings, I was able to stay on track and progress through my applications before their due dates.  And most importantly, the experience he has in regards to the essay-writing component of college applications is invaluable.

Elaine Wilson

UC Santa Barbara, Scholarship

Working with Jeff relieved me from a great amount of stress throughout my college admission process. He not only clarified all the confusing details which I would have otherwise had to navigate on my own, but also helped me further develop my writing style, working with me week after week. In a way, he prepared me for college just as much as he helped me get in. Thank you!

Nishad Kulkarni

University of Southern California, Scholarship

Jeff provides much more than expected, and shows true commitment and concern for his students. My time with him never felt limited or obligated. It was very comforting to know that there was someone beside me that cared enough about my future to guide me toward my next big step-a college education. Not only are his credentials strong, but his positive and motivational attitude makes Jeff the perfect person to receive guidance from.

Veronica Kim

UC San Diego, Scholarship

Jeff Haig introduced new dimensions to the title "college counselor." His sincere concern and genuine commitment to my future strengthened my trust in him. Jeff was always patient and understanding; he never tried to push me and he was willing to adjust to my schedule. My time with him never felt like a waste for he taught me information that I could carry in college and beyond. Jeff is the perfect person to receive guidance from because besides his credentials, he genuinely cares for those whom he advises.

Crystal Park

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

Our Commitment

We’re dedicated to helping families navigate the college and financial planning process and developing a game plan that will maximize college admissions success. We're excited to learn more about your goals, your current situation, and answer any questions you may have.

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