College Planning

College planning can be an overwhelming and scary process to embark on when you’re doing it on your own, and that is where college planning consultants can help you out. Our seasoned college consultants will help you come up with a detailed plan that focuses on your specific needs. Below you will see examples of what we can accomplish for students from their freshman year to their senior year.

College Planning in Junior / Senior Year

The goal in college planning for juniors and seniors is to create winning college applications that makes the student as competitive as possible for the demanding college admissions process. We will help the student every step of the way, from how to navigate the admissions process to creating a successful application.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive student profile review
  • Creating an engaging and dynamic application for college admissions to ensure maximum success
  • Helping to develop a powerful and tactful admissions essays that considers all of the student’s unique characteristics
  • Developing Early Decision and Early Action strategies to help the student become more competitive in the application pool
  • Coaching the student on interviewing techniques and strategies to help him/her succeed in this area of the application process
  • Highlighting all of the areas of the college application process to ensure that the student is fully informed and entirely prepared when applying
  • And much more!

College Planning in Freshman / Sophomore

It is important that students get on the right track to be as competitive as possible when applying to colleges. Our college planning experts help students in all areas of educational success, both inside and outside the classroom. Our goal is to get students on track to become a successful student with the best chance of being accepted into their dream college.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive student profile review
  • Developing a thorough game plan for educational success to maximize college admissions success
  • Creating a strategic plan for each year to ensure that the student is on track for a competitive college that is a great fit for him/her
  • Developing the whole student both inside and outside of the classroom so that he/she will be strategically positioned for the college admissions process
  • And much more!

Our Commitment

We’re dedicated to helping families navigate the college and financial planning process and developing a game plan that will maximize college admissions success. We're excited to learn more about your goals, your current situation, and answer any questions you may have.

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