Dr. Haig gives great advice to students on how to gain an edge when applying to colleges. He provides individual advice specially tailored around each student’s major and career pursuits. Without Dr. Haig I would not have been able to know what it takes to get into a high level university and make myself stand out in a large pool of applicants. He does a great job making the college application process as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Sagar Telang

UCLA, Scholarship

We strongly recommend Jeff Haig to anyone seeking consulting services for undergraduate admissions. We were impressed with Jeff's knowledge during our very first consultation visit. He has the background and experience to make the complex application process go smoothly. With his assistance through a series of meetings, we were able to identify the list of colleges and make several significant decisions during this process.

Jeff has a keen sense in showcasing the best of student's achievements when reviewing various essays and provides key points that are tailored to each application. He motivates the student to put in the effort to submit the best application not only for admissions but also for potential scholarships if possible. He is always accessible through phone, emails, and/or scheduling one-on-one meetings.

With his support and guidance, our daughter secured admissions and scholarships at various top-ranked private and public universities. We look forward to using him again for our son. Thank you Jeff!

Shyamala and Raja, Parents

University of Texas Forty Acres Scholarship (full ride scholarship)

Take advantage of the inside scoop Jeff has to offer you. Using his vast experience with the most prestigious colleges across America, Jeff will maximize your potential with what you have. His personal style of counseling allows for you to take a step closer to your dream university.

Raymond Lee

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

Jeff has been incredibly supportive throughout my entire college process. He took the time to get to know me as more than a student and an applicant, but as a person. I think he understood my goals and the things I wanted for myself which made it easy to talk and communicate with him in a non-intimidating way. In the beginning of the process, I was really unsure about a lot of things – where I wanted to apply, what I want to do, and what the whole process would be like.

Jeff was amazing at answering questions, and more than anything, instilling a sense of confidence in myself. I definitely wouldn’t have applied to or gotten accepted to most of the schools I did without Jeff’s reassurance and calming presence throughout the entire process. I was very happy with all my choices, and I am very grateful to attend one of my top choice schools from the beginning.

Kaylin Ong

Pomona College, Scholarship

Thank you for helping me through the college admissions process! You provided great expertise and allowed me to gain acceptance into many world-class universities.

Because of your help, I will be attending my dream college in the fall!

Sarah T

Harvard University

Thank you, Jeff and Brian, for guiding our daughter’s community college transfer and admission to UCLA!

As an older, returning college student, she faced many challenges, but with their assistance she was accepted to her first choice school for Fall 2023.

In her own words, “Jeff and Brian had extensive knowledge of the application process and knew how to highlight my strengths while helping me to construct my essays in the most effective way possible. Aside from the technical elements, they were also incredible motivators and encouraged me to see myself in a way that I never had before. They helped me to gain a confidence that I was able to manifest in my writing.

Working with Jeff and Brian was a very positive experience in every way and we highly recommend them for all prospective college students.

Chris and Marjorie

UCLA, Scholarship

When we first came to Dr. Haig, we were so lost as parents. We had no idea on how to navigate the waters to assist our son in successfully applying and getting accepted into a good college. His advice and guidance, from class/subject selections in high school and during the summer to building his resume and countless hours in essay writing was priceless. He guided our son every step of the way, from college selection to staying on top of all the deadlines.

With his help, our son got accepted to eight of the thirteen universities he applied to and will be attending UC Santa Barbara to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering this fall. By a mile, best money we ever spent and worth every penny. Thank you very much Dr. Haig. We could not have done this without your help.

Arvin Singh, Parent

UCSB, Scholarship

Hi Dr. Jeff, just wanted to update you on my final decision. After a lot of deliberating and careful consideration, I have finally chosen USC! I have been accepted to both Thematic Option and Freshman Science Honors, and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the Trojan family!!

Thank you so much for all of your help; I really appreciate all the time you took to work with me and read and comment on my application and essays. I'm so happy with the result and I can't wait until the fall!

Divya Sripathy

USC, Scholarship

Coming into high school, the college application process can seem very daunting and overwhelming to students. Most students often struggle to find their bearings when it comes to balancing academics and extracurriculars, and I know that I was personally affected by this immense pressure throughout my freshmen and sophomore years.

It was ultimately in my sophomore year that I began meeting with Dr. Haig, and I am so thankful for this decision. He was such a great guide and mentor to me from that first meeting all the way until I received my college decisions almost a couple of years later. From observing my interests and making course recommendations to finding the most valuable summer research programs and classes for me, Dr. Haig was instrumental in providing me with the necessary tools to craft a strong application. He helped assuage a lot of the pressure and stress that I put on myself during the college application process, and he always found opportunities for me to explore my interests both inside and outside of the classroom. This enabled me to not only become a more complete applicant, but a more complete person during my four years in high school, as I had taken the most challenging courses in my areas of interest, delved into rigorous research programs and classes, and climbed my way to leadership positions within numerous clubs and initiatives.

Dr. Haig was also tremendously helpful in the actual application process during my senior year. Those three or four months of your senior year where you are writing your essays and filling in your Common Application are invaluable and truly determine your college application success. The three preceding years do not mean anything if you do not spend the necessary time putting the final pieces of the puzzle together. This is where Dr. Haig was such an unbelievably helpful beneficiary. I remember countless times sending him revisions of my essays, and he would always get back promptly with detailed feedback and suggestions. These months of constant back and forth emails undoubtedly gave me a stronger sense of confidence in my application and provided me with some much-needed peace of mind.

Ultimately, I received early acceptance at UC Berkeley as well as admittance to Washington University in St. Louis. As a student on the pre-med track, I chose to attend Washington University in St. Louis. Thank you Dr. Haig!

Vikram S.

Washington University in St. Louis

The college search and application process can be extremely complex and confusing. Jeff helped our son organize the whole endeavor while making the process understandable and tangible. He worked directly with our son and took the pressure off of us. It was wonderful to have an expert guiding him through this process. Jeff allowed our son to represent himself in the best possible and accurate light and helped him find his best possible path. With Jeff’s help, our son was accepted to his first choice school in his first choice major. We are so thankful for the support and guidance he gave our son and our son is thrilled to be going to his top choice school!

Sheila Ellison, Parent

Cornell University

Applying for colleges is a massive undertaking, with many strategies and details that need to be addressed. I am so grateful to have worked with Dr. Haig! He is very organized and knows exactly what colleges are looking for. I found that his cheerful guidance was well-suited to my unique circumstances. Living overseas, I particularly appreciated Dr. Haig’s flexibility with scheduling appointments. He was always ready to answer any questions or concerns without regards to time limits, and because of his help, I am excited to be going to my dream school!
Nathan Wei


Dr. Brian Haig is one of the best college advisors and mentors to help your son or daughter navigate the overwhelming world of college applications. Our son was a transfer student coming from a local community college. Dr. Haig’s knowledge, insights, helpfulness and support proved to be very valuable for our son’s success in getting into a four year college. Our son was accepted to many of the colleges that he applied to while working with Dr. Haig. We will be forever grateful his help, support and friendship. I highly recommend Dr. Haig.

Jacqueline H.

Loyola Marymount University

I've had the immense pleasure of referring my students to Dr. Haig since 2012. Bringing his vast experience and knowledge (having reviewed admissions for UCLA), he is able to tailor and fine-tune a very overwhelming and competitive process for each student. He is a keen listener who takes the time to get to know each student's strengths and goals. You will NOT be given a vague comprehensive plan that the larger companies advocate, but a personalized strategic plan unique to each student.

And he gets results, with many of my students getting accepted to a top choice college --with financial aid to boot. He is very knowledgeable with hundreds of schools: public and private universities, local and out of state, large and small, Ivy League and Big Ten... his vast knowledge is undisputed.

I send him my students because they rave about him because he gets results.

Mandy Dutton

Education Specialist

When we first came to Dr. Haig, we were so lost as parents. Jeff’s advice and guidance was priceless… By a mile, best money we ever spent and worth every penny.

Dr. Haig’s experience, professionalism, and friendliness make him an easy choice for college consulting. Dr. Haig enabled me to achieve my greatest academic goals very quickly through phenomenal advice and mentoring. I have had previous experiences with other college counseling firms throughout high school, and it is clear that not all college counselors are capable of unlocking one’s full academic potential. As a high school student, although I was good academically, I never understood the college process, which lead to me getting rejected from all of my target schools. However, after reaching out to Dr. Haig, after under one year of hard work and dedication at community college, I was accepted to my dream school of USC! This is no doubt a direct result of Dr. Haig’s unmatched experience and knowledge of this field.

Abhijay S.

USC, Scholarship

After having a bad experience with a previous college planner, I worked with Dr. Brian Haig and I have had nothing but the best experience. I went in knowing nothing about the college admissions process and Dr. Haig was there to guide me every step of the way. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and has the credentials to back his claims. I was able to learn how a college admissions officer thinks and how to write a good college essay which I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t end up working with Dr. Haig. I also appreciate his characteristic qualities as he is very compassionate and can be seen as a friend. He doesn’t treat you like a dollar sign like other college planners do. I am overall satisfied with Dr. Haig and would recommend him to anyone.

Ryan A.

Northeastern University, Scholarship

Ever since I stepped into Jeff's office the summer going into my freshman year, I felt guided in my academic, athletic, and service-oriented pursuits.

Jeff helped me accurately research what colleges I should apply to and kept me on track with applying to each college. Jeff is very flexible with scheduling and willing to work late hours when needed.

Jeff was very timely with responding to email responses, even at late hours, and he has a great inside perspective of the application process, as he is on the board of UCLA admissions!

Thank you for all that you have done for me these past four years, I really appreciate it!

Rhea Sachdeva


I had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Brian Haig this past year! His knowledge and experience are immensely helpful throughout the college admissions process. His strategies are personalized to each student’s goals in order to best support them. Through his help I was able to get into one of my dream schools. I highly recommend Strategic College Consulting to any student!

Zoey C.

UC Berkeley

Jeff is a superb counselor and a great planner. He did several great things for our son. First he helped him find his goals by filtering through the huge set of universities and colleges, opened his eyes to the choices that were worthy and within reach (both in terms of academic level and financial requirements). After setting the focus on a limited number of viable choices, Jeff started to prepare our son for tackling the requirements. Jeff motivated him to take and handle more AP units and do whatever else needed to appeal to his goal universities.

Without Jeff pushing and motivating, I doubt my son could make it this strongly in a rather short time period. Last but not least Jeff finalized the process by reading and discussing essays and giving advice on how to develop resumes for getting admission.

Jeff has great experience in the end to end process of preparation, application and admission and does the job in a well organized, step by step manner which worked beautifully for us. We highly recommend Jeff and thank him for all his efforts.

Mahtab Zarrazvand (Guity), Parent


Thank you Jeff!  She is super excited (and we are too) to be a Bruin.  She was able to find two great roommates and are already becoming fast friends with them. She’s also going to audition this weekend to be on the Song/Cheer team.

Thanks again for all your help shepherding us through this long process. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Art Lee, Parent


Jeff helped navigate the entire college process smoothly and thoroughly. He was extremely helpful in every step from guiding me through course planning, summer programs, and applications. In addition, he is extremely motivating and always provides honest feedback. As a result I was accepted into my top universities and I am so glad to have had Jeff’s help through this journey.

Thank you so much!

Priya Kamdar

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

Two years ago I would never have guessed I was remotely qualified enough to be accepted to a school like UC Berkeley for engineering, but Dr. Haig guided me to achieving this dream!

Dr. Haig is more than advisor, he becomes your best friend from the very first call. I remember coming in with little to no experience in the healthcare field but hungry to succeed in all aspects. Heeding to all and every advice by Dr. Haig, I was able to successfully launch my first research organization and work with numerous government organizations. He also motivated me to take higher and more leadership positions which had also immensely benefitted me. Dr. Haig is EXTREMELY qualified beyond belief in this profession and I credit my success and path to him. He’s redefined how to become successful in such a way where I can truly enjoy the process. I hope to come back to Dr. Haig when it comes time to apply for medical school

Talha Khan

UCLA, Scholarship

Thank you so much for all you did for me these last four years. You have truly been a great guide and mentor for me throughout the entirety of the college process. Beginning with our first meeting in my freshman year of high school, you immediately got to work analyzing my academic interests and explaining the best routes for me to take over the next four years to be able to get into a college of my choice. Thanks to you, I was able to have a solid idea of the coursework and extracurricular activities I would pursue throughout my high school career. In addition, you were instrumental for me in finding the best summer internships and research opportunities to take part in.

While many of my fellow classmates seemed to be struggling to find a sense of direction when it came to the college process, I felt confident at every point along the way that I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it.

Additionally, my actual process of forming an application could not have run as smoothly as it did without your help. I applied to a lot of schools, and I was able to email you every draft of every essay I wrote in the application process. You were always quick to give me detailed and valuable feedback. Not only were you always available for help via email, but you were also there for in-person meetings whenever I needed them. Not only did this greatly improve the quality of my applications, but it also gave me a peace of mind many high school seniors are unable to maintain.

In the end, I was accepted to many prestigious universities, and I received considerable scholarships at several of them. Due in large part to your help, I will be studying at Brown University next year.

Zayn Biviji

Brown University, Scholarship

I only began working with Dr. Haig when I was entering my senior year, and I wish I had found him sooner!

I never thought having a college counselor was a useful resource until then. From skills that include perfecting a résumé to nailing an interview, Dr. Haig provides much more than just ‘college counseling’. Our meetings were always productive and enjoyable and they led me to feel much more at ease during the college application process. I am excited to say that it all worked out very well.

Two years ago I would never have guessed I was remotely qualified enough to be accepted to a school like UC Berkeley for engineering, but Dr. Haig guided me to achieving this dream!

Andy Meyers

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

Thank you Jeff, you helped Hayden to achieve his dream of going to the University of Colorado Boulder! Your guidance in every aspect of the process was amazing and we would have been lost without you! Your knowledge on the application process is inconceivable. We highly recommend you to all of our friends!

Maggie & Hayden Greco, Parents

University of Colorado Boulder

Dr. Brian Haig is not only a wonderful person but also a great mentor when it comes to college admissions. With his guidance, I was offered an early acceptance to my dream school UC Berkeley!

Burak Baktir

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

I JUST GOT INTO BOSTON COLLEGE. I got the admission email today and they offered me an early admission into the college of arts and science!!!! I can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve helped me do and the time you’ve put in with me for college. Thank you.

Michael Bishay

Boston College, Scholarship

While many of my fellow classmates seemed to be struggling to find a sense of direction when it came to the college process, I felt confident at every point along the way that I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it.

Thank you for all of your help! We really appreciate it. You showed a sincere interest in helping our daughter through the college planning and application process. We saw counselors before you and you stood out. You spent countless hours with us and you were very personal which made all of the difference. Additionally, you were always available to discuss and engage to make sure our daughter stood out. You definitely show a true care for helping your students and it shows it all that you do. You were fantastic and the results were more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you!

Lyana Gordon

Stanford University, Full Scholarship

Jeff provides much more than expected, and shows true commitment and concern for his students. My time with him never felt limited or obligated. It was very comforting to know that there was someone beside me that cared enough about my future to guide me toward my next big step-a college education. Not only are his credentials strong, but his positive and motivational attitude makes Jeff the perfect person to receive guidance from.

Veronica Kim

UC San Diego, Scholarship

Starting with Dr. Haig in sophomore year, I have had everything an excellent experience could entail. The college admissions process is like walking into the woods blindfolded, and yet Dr. Haig was my reliable guide the entire way
through. I learned how to write great college essays and strengthen myself to be an appealing applicant.

I also admire Dr. Haig’s character. He is very patient and eager to help. Even if our meeting extends beyond the scheduled time, he never pressures me to hurry it up. Anytime I have a question, Dr. Haig has a quick and accurate response.

Thanks to Dr. Haig’s guidance, I was accepted to UCLA and UC Berkeley. For anyone looking for guidance towards their future, I highly recommend Dr. Haig.

Leon Zhou

UCLA, Scholarship

Thank you for ALL your help with Bryanna. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciated all your assistance and helping her find that path of getting into a great school. I'm sure she may have told you that she got accepted to the University of Oregon which was her first choice.

We are all proud of her and look forward to seeing Bryanna do well in the business world.

Arnold Tani, parent

University of Oregon

As competitive as this process may be, you certainly prepared our son for success and he can now attend an extraordinary university of his choice. You did a fantastic job over the last few years and your services were one of the best investments that we have made in his academic future. Thanks Jeff to a job well done!

As a college admissions counselor, Jeff's job is to assist students during the college application process by providing them with the support and vital knowledge that will ultimately help students obtain a competitive edge in their college decisions. However, I truly believe Jeff has transcended this title; I see him as much more than an admissions counselor. He is a mentor, a coach, and a friend. While helping me plan essays, develop interviewing skills, or seek out opportunities within my field of interest, Jeff has managed to instill a feeling of confidence within me as well as a strong desire to pursue my passions with a greater intensity.

Working with Jeff has been more than just a way to figure out my goals, desires, and ambitions, it has been an experience that has changed my life. I have adopted a more goal-oriented mentality and seek to do what I love with not just great focus and determination, but passion. I look forward to being a Sun Devil in Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, where I can put into action what I have learned from Jeff, and hopefully share these ideals too!

I'd like to thank you once again for all your support during this process. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope you have a great summer!

Jan Unsal

Arizona State University Honors Program, Scholarship

Jeff isn’t just a ‘good’ college counselor. He’s a ‘superior’ college counselor and more. After the first couple of meetings with Jeff, I saw miraculous changes in Scott. He became very excited about college and his career. More importantly, when it came to school work and college, Scott went from being nonchalant and disinterested to motivated, enthusiastic, and driven. It truly was an amazing transformation. In a matter of months, Scott went from a non-caring teenager to a responsible young man.

What were the results? Well, Scott’s now at UC Berkeley. In addition, he was accepted to almost every school he applied to, which were all the top schools in California and several top schools throughout the country.

Many of Scott’s classmates were amazed (and envious) that Scott had been accepted by all of these schools that they were denied. Scott and I would often joke about the difference between him and his classmate was the ‘Jeff Factor’.

Bill Davis, Parent

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

Jeff Haig is very professional. He's focused, enthusiastic, and great to work with. He is meticulous and knows how to work with all the details of the college admissions process to create a winning application. Because of Jeff's thoughtful, caring personality, I always felt very comfortable working with him. I undoubtedly owe the success I experienced to him.

I highly recommend working with Jeff to anyone who wants a serious edge in getting into a competitive college!

Eddie Kim

New York University, Scholarship

I was in a tough situation. I had just moved to the US ahead of my junior year in high school and was struggling to find the path to the top universities I always dreamed of. I was lost and scared regarding the college process. Jeff Haig led me through the entire process and turned a desperate situation into a spectacular application. He was fundamental not only in guiding me through this process but also in motivating me to achieve my full potential. Dr. Haig was always there for me whenever I needed help. The impact of his work cannot be quantified, the joy of being accepted into a top, dream school is priceless and will allow me to conquer my most far-reaching ambitions.

I am extremely proud of what I was able to achieve through Dr. Haig’s mentoring and know, for a fact, that I would not be in the position I am today had it not been for Jeff. If he can turn such a difficult situation as mine into a fairytale ending, I have absolute faith that he can and will change your life for the better too.

Rodrigo Palmaka

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

We shopped around quite extensively to choose a college advisor for our daughter. We were not satisfied with narrow-minded, cookie-cutter approaches and finally resolved on choosing Dr. Jeff Haig at Strategic College Consulting to help us through the process.

From the onset, Dr. Haig spent a generous amount of time to know our daughter in order to devise a customized plan where she could fully leverage her strengths. Our meetings were very efficient and organized, and Dr. Haig was available anytime we requested to meet. A vast pool of online resources and books were introduced to us to guide us through the process.

We greatly appreciate what Strategic College Consulting has done for our daughter and highly recommend Dr. Haig to parents and students in search of maximizing their chances to enter top-ranked colleges.

Ali Zarazvand, PhD

Yale University, Scholarship

I was clueless when it came to my college applications and the college admissions process. Jeff really helped me a lot by going through the entire college process with me, from beginning to end. Most importantly, he developed a strategy for me that allowed me to stand out from other college applicants. I was always able to get help whenever I needed it, and now I am going to a great college that I have always wanted to go to!

Michelle Lee

Wellesley College, Scholarship

I just want to say thank you for your help during the admissions process, especially with revising my essays and helping me with the technical aspects of the Common Application. I know for a fact that the way my application was packaged made me much more appealing as an applicant. I couldn't be more thrilled with my admission results.

Joseph Paik

Brown University

(Jeff) possesses a trove of essay ideas, interview tips, and inside knowledge about admissions. I’m so glad to have had him by my side on the journey to my dream school!

Mr. Haig was a pillar of support for me during the college application process. His encouragement kept me self-confident and focused, while his advice greatly enhanced my essays. Furthermore, he possesses a trove of essay ideas, interview tips, and inside knowledge about admissions. I'm so glad to have had him by my side on the journey to my dream school!

Natasha Nguyen

Scholarship Brown University, Scholarship, Medical School Direct Program

Jeff and Brian are exemplary at their work. I must highly recommend them as your best shot at getting into colleges these days. I can’t tell you how delightfully surprised I was when I got into USC!

Having helped me package my application down to every last detail for every last college, I must say they were worth every dollar.

They were diligent, proactive, and ready for meetings in-person or on Zoom whenever you needed them. Crafting essays has definitely been their greatest help to me and my application overall — colleges expect all students to know exactly how to tell a story and not everybody knows how to do so right off the bat –Jeff and Brian will teach you exactly how.

Again, couldn’t recommend anyone better, Jeff and Brian put the STRATEGIC in Strategic College Consulting!!!

Ethan Z.


Strategic College Consulting with Dr. Jeff Haig was invaluable for our college admission process. Dr. Haig introduced colleges that were not on our radar that made it to the final list. He provided structure and much needed organization to the complicated college application process that ensured all requirements were met. His diligent review of the application documents, reference letters, and essays assured that my applications were submitted and were competitive. I highly recommend Jeff Haig with Strategic College Consulting!

Jane Caples

Parent, USC Engineering

Thank you again for all of the guidance and words of wisdom that contributed to me attending the university of my dreams in the fall.

Bristol Coon


I am thankful to have a college counselor who genuinely cares about his students. I always felt like you were giving me advice specific to my situation, without giving standardized, blanket ideas like so many other college counselors seem to do. I truly cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me!

Nicole Minkina

Yale University, Full Scholarship (Accepted to 7 of 8 Ivy League Universities)

Working with Jeff has been more than just a way to figure out my goals, desires, and ambitions, it has been an experience that has changed my life.

Jeff Haig introduced new dimensions to the title "college counselor." His sincere concern and genuine commitment to my future strengthened my trust in him. Jeff was always patient and understanding; he never tried to push me and he was willing to adjust to my schedule. My time with him never felt like a waste for he taught me information that I could carry in college and beyond. Jeff is the perfect person to receive guidance from because besides his credentials, he genuinely cares for those whom he advises.

Crystal Park

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

Having Jeff as my college counselor helped me organize the overwhelming decision of where to go for college. From deciding where to apply to and how to prepare my essays, Jeff helped me manage all that there was to do. I was able to organize everything I needed for college much more and able to keep everything up to date. Also, I did not have to rush through everything and send all my applications last minute, with the organized and prepared time, Jeff and I were able to go through each and every college application thoroughly.

Helena Vallve

UC Irvine, Scholarship

I wanted to say that we are extremely satisfied on Julien’s college acceptances. Your direction and guidance have allowed him to be accepted at some of the best universities in the country. As competitive as this process may be you certainly prepared Julien for success and he can now attend an extraordinary university of his choice. You did a fantastic job over the last few years and your services were one of the best investments that we have made in Julien’s academic future. Thanks Jeff to a job well done!

Dennis Marchese, Parent

UC Berkeley

Second testimonial from repeat client

Just thought that you would like to know that Julien was accepted into the Haas school of business undergraduate program. He just found out Friday.

Thanks so much for your professional guidance in helping Julien with his application for Haas. Needless to say he is very excited.

Dennis Marchese, Parent

UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

Mr. Jeff Haig is by far one of the most inspirational and helpful mentors I have ever met. Not only does he provide the knowledge and experience to guide my every endeavor and make all of my aspirations reachable, but he also serves as a teacher, counselor, and friend. He will always be remembered for his words of encouragement and genuine desire to assure that I succeed. JEFF HAIG IS THE MAN! I would not have ever asked for anyone else.

Benison Choi

Northwestern University, Scholarship

As a counselor, Jeff Haig provided what I needed and wanted for my college applications. He thoroughly guided me through the application process without actually interfering with the integrity of my application, and was very eager to help and always managed to find time for me. He maximized the potential of my applications, and I am so grateful to have had his help in getting into one of my top choices of universities.

Isabelle Doan Van

UCLA, Alumni Scholar

The college application process is complicated, competitive and anxiety ridden. The best thing you can do for yourselves and your student is to retain Jeff Haig to guide you through the process. He is an invaluable resource that will make the difference in your student's college choices!

As we started looking into the college application process, we realized that things had changed so dramatically since we had gone to college that we needed help! Jeff provided such professional and strong advice that not only led our daughter, Lauren on the path to achieving admission and scholarships to almost every school she applied, but also achieving admission to USC's journalism program which is #1 in the nation. Jeff provided guidance to Lauren in determining her interests and chosen major, applying to and being accepted to premiere summer programs, test preparation, high school curriculum choices, extra-curricular activities, and more. When it came time to actually prepare her applications, Lauren had done all the leg work necessary to prepare those applications under Jeff's guidance.

As parents, Jeff gave us the peace of mind to know that we were doing all we could to help Lauren achieve her goals. We didn't want to merely hope we were doing it all correctly only to learn later what we should have done. Jeff saved us hours of anxiety and uncertainty. We knew she was in good hands. Our second child is now a sophomore and we look forward to beginning the process all over again with Jeff's guidance. We whole-heartedly recommend Jeff to all of our friends who are seeking college counseling assistance. Every friend who has met with Jeff has retained him. There is no one better!

Kristin and Frank Dunn, Proud Parents

USC, Scholarship

Jeff’s positive attitude, exceptional advice, and experience has helped my college admissions process go smoothly and successfully.

Jeff assisted me by providing me with information that made me more aware of the different aspects and elements integral to the college selection process.

He is very professional in that he catalogs his student's achievements and honors, and gives them suggestions in areas that they can improve in order to have a better chance of getting in to high level colleges. He is organized, focused, and motivational. Consequently, under his guidance, I was able to reach my full potential quicker than most students, giving me the edge in the application process for highly competitive colleges.

Sang Kim

USC, Scholarship

My son and I came to Jeff during my son's senior year in high school mainly to seek advise on the college process and help us navigate thru his senior year. Jeff offered guidance to both my son and I as we were wondering what classes he needed to take his senior year and also helped him narrow down different colleges that would fit his career goal as an English major.

Jeff gave my son invaluable insights on what he needed to do his senior year in high school in order to complete his college application. As a result of his advise, he got involved in more extra curricular activities and he also kept a strong academic schedule. He also guided him as he was completing his college applications and was there to answer any questions we had regarding the college entrance process.

My son got accepted to most of the schools he applied to and he decided to go to UC Berkeley which was on the top of the list of schools he wanted to attend. Thanks Jeff.

Cecilia Kiebach, Parent

UC Berkeley

Second testimonial from repeat client

Jakob decided to go to UCLA. We appreciate all the help you provided to both Zack and Jakob during their college application process!

Cecilia Kiebach, Parent


Jeff provided and guided me to get into a great college. He is dedicated and committed to me and other students. He made the college admissions process much easier. Also, I never felt I wasted my time and money, because Jeff gave me a lot of information and knowledge that I can carry with me in college.

Gaeun Oh

Syracuse University, Scholarship

Moving my son during his junior year was a challenge, we ended up feeling behind in our college planning. Jeff helped us put it all in perspective. He was encouraging to Jackson, helping him to find college choices I truly don't think he would have considered before. Not only are we thrilled with his decision to go to the University of Oregon, I feel confident it is the perfect match and the fact that he was offered a scholarship is also a huge bonus. Jeff is an expert at not only the college application process but empowering students to explore their options.

Patty Bucklen, Parent

University of Oregon, Scholarship

Jeff helped me a lot with the college admission process. I did not have a good understanding of the college application process including selecting colleges, putting together great applications, and developing first-rate essays, and Jeff provided strong support and guidance. He inspired me to the highest standards. Thank you Jeff!

Gi. L.

Purdue University

Jeff Haig is probably one of the best college counselors a student can work with.  His experience as a college teacher and his ability to work based on the student’s preferences and personality are extremely helpful.  And for the students who have no clue as to what college they would like to attend, Jeff is very good at suggesting schools that would suit his students.

Alex L.

Point Loma, Scholarship

Jeff helped me find a college that was a great fit for me. It was a pleasure working with him--he guided me every step of the way through the daunting college admissions process. I have grown a lot through that process, which has helped me find my true self and what I'm capable of.

So Young Moon

UC San Diego, Scholarship

Thank you for coming to Park City High School and for all the research and information you provided. We were very happy with your presentation and the parents remarked that you are the best trained person they have heard.  You were terrific.

Nancy Michalko, Counselor

Park City High School

Thank you for the session tonight.  It was very helpful.  Jeff's presentation was the best I have seen yet on the topic (even after sitting through a presentation at Stanford on the subject)! He was very thorough. Please let him know how much we appreciate him coming!

Denise M., Parent

Thank you Jeff for everything and all the help you did to find my path towards a great school. I would have never been able to do this without you. Thank you for all the countless hours you spent with me and thank you for being by my side through my application process.

Thank you so much and I can not wait to begin a new chapter in my life that you have helped me reach towards.

Raquel Guillermety

University of La Verne

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your guidance and support of Isabella through the high school years. She just finished receiving the last of her college responses and she has decided to attend Brown University!

Tamara D., Parent

Brown University

Jeff is truly the go-to guy for the college admissions process. He really helped me represent myself to colleges in the best possible way.

As a parent, we had the first-hand experience in the past year to know how stressful the college application process could be. My daughter scored more than 2300 in SAT. Besides the academic achievements, she also takes upon leadership roles at school and volunteers regularly. We had confidence in her that she should have a smooth application process. So, we didn’t plan to seek advice from any college consultants. When my daughter started to write the essays and explored her options, we began to realize that the process could be overwhelmed, especially if the kids were fighting for limited spots in the elite colleges. I turned to online blogs trying to find some thoughts and experiences shared by other parents. Only then, I found that there were many consultants out there ready to offer their help. I came across College Counseling, which was located in the city where I work. After a brief conversation on the phone, I visited the office where I met Mr. Jeff Haig in person and had a very pleasant chat. Jeff was straight-forward, didn’t offer any false promises, and most important of all, he was very knowledgeable with the college application. My only regret was that we didn’t know Jeff sooner!

For several months, Jeff was working diligently with my daughter. He is extremely organized: a binder for each kid with a calendar and a to-do-list. At the end of each meeting, he sets goals for the next meeting. This way, he keeps the kids on target while they are still having a full load of school work, volunteering and other responsibilities. We are very grateful to Jeff because he took a lot of burden from us: he offered many valuable advices; he reminded my daughter of the deadlines; he communicated with my daughter via emails and skype to keep her in track with the applications. When my daughter needed to reach Jeff, he was always available, even during the holidays and late at night. Jeff has done all these with integrity. He has become a friend, a mentor and role model to my daughter. The characters demonstrated by Jeff are all parents want for their kids: intelligent, hard-working, kind-hearted, integrity and responsible.

My daughter was admitted by several first-rated colleges and offered scholarship. In September, she will attend one of her dream colleges. We are truly happy for her. Looking back at the college application process, what an experience! We are very grateful that Jeff had been with us through the journey! Thank you very much, Mr. Jeff Haig.

Jing W., Parent

University of Chicago, Scholarship

I wanted to tell you that I got in to UCLA, which has been my top choice as I mentioned. Thank you so much for your helps in the waitlist process I appreciate it a lot. I enrolled in UCLA so I will be in LA in the next four years. Warmest regards.

Ela Talu

Ela is accepted to UCLA, which was her dream since she was very little. Thank you very much for your outstanding consultancy and support. I will keep recommending you and your consultancy both in LA and Turkey. And wish you a good luck and big success for the future.

Esen Talu, Parent


Working with Jeff relieved me from a great amount of stress throughout my college admission process. He not only clarified all the confusing details which I would have otherwise had to navigate on my own, but also helped me further develop my writing style, working with me week after week. In a way, he prepared me for college just as much as he helped me get in. Thank you!

Nishad Kulkarni

University of Southern California, Scholarship

Jeff Haig motivates students to reach their goals. With his guidance, your dream college is reachable.

Chris Trujillo

Purdue University

Vivian was accepted into University of Chicago. We are so excited. Thank you for all of your help!

Dr. Tito Nguyen, Parent

University of Chicago, Scholarship

Jeff is truly the go-to guy for the college admissions process. He really helped me represent myself to colleges in the best possible way. Even at times when I thought there was no more that could be done to improve my apps, he gave corrections that made a huge difference and I was able to submit all my applications with confidence knowing that they were the absolute best they could possibly be.

Junie Hyun


Jeff was very helpful and easily approachable.  He's absolutely necessary for anyone willing to demonstrate his/her potential to admissions officers. Thanks for everything!

William Hong

Johns Hopkins University

Before Jeff, we were very worried about our son's college education and had to go through many other college counselors that always seemed to disappoint us. However, Jeff exceeded all of our expectation and more with his continuous support and leadership. Through his work, he clearly shows that he cares for his students' futures. Jeff is an excellent counselor and we highly recommend him. Thank you!

Brian Oh

UCLA, Scholarship

Your guidance and support during such a critical time in high school truly helped me make informed and strategic choices when applying to colleges.

Thank you for all of your help during my senior year with college applications. Your guidance and support during such a critical time in high school truly helped me make informed and strategic choices when applying to colleges. I look forward to attending Scripps College in the fall and taking advantage of all of the resources a 5-college consortium has to offer. I would not have thought of applying to Scripps if you had not suggested it. Again, thank you.

Jennifer Lee

Scripps College, Scholarship

Jeff is not only a patient and effective college counselor but also an easygoing and amicable person. Through clear guidance and constant encouragement, he relieves much of the pressure and stress that comes with the college admissions process. Jeff is a great asset to one's college applications and decisions.

Jason Lee

US Air Force Academy

Jeff is a pleasure to work with. He is very helpful in navigating the confusing college admissions process. He really knows what he's doing, and was able to represent me in the best possible way. I'm so glad I was able to work with Jeff, because he helped me get into a great college!

Alex H.

Boston University, Scholarship

Strategic College Counseling allowed for my daughter to get into her top university. Jeff's counseling was extremely helpful and he is reliable and always there to answer any questions regarding universities. He helped my daughter search for a variety of options before finding the right school. Thank you so much Jeff!!

Nicole Djaya

University of the Pacific Dental School Direct Program

I am very satisfied with how things turned out, considering how competitive this year was. Thank you for all your help in this crazy college application process, I would not have gotten through this without your guidance and help.

Brian Kim

University of Notre Dame, Scholarship

I can't imagine how difficult it would have been to get through the overwhelming application process without the help of Jeff Haig.  Through assigned deadlines and scheduled meetings, I was able to stay on track and progress through my applications before their due dates.  And most importantly, the experience he has in regards to the essay-writing component of college applications is invaluable.

Elaine Wilson

UC Santa Barbara, Scholarship

Alec got into UCLA. We thank you immensely for all your help and support!

Mrs. Kim, Parent


I decided on UCSB. I'm so excited! Thanks for all of your help. I am so happy with my choice and I couldn't have done it without you.

Katie Elicker

UC Santa Barbara, Scholarship

My parents and I have decided on UCSD. Thank you for all of your help! We really appreciate it.

Plato Seto

UC San Diego

I am so happy I had Dr. Haig with me through the crazy journey that is the college application process. With his help, I was able to attend the college of my dreams and get accepted to many other amazing universities with thousands of dollars in scholarships.

We are very pleased that Bryanna has been accepted to University of Oregon. We just returned from a preview day at the school. She has already accepted admission. I know that it would have been very difficult for her to complete the application process without your assistance. Thank you.

Lorraine Dohzen

Parent, University of Oregon

Dr. Haig was incredibly helpful in getting me accepted into my dream school. My essays and application were shaky at first, but through his guidance became solid and convincing. It is thanks to him that I will be able to call myself a USC Trojan.

Cody Pham

USC, Dean's Scholarship

Maya has done a great job working with our son. We have been extremely impressed with Maya’s level of professionalism and the depth of her knowledge of the college admissions process.  She has been helping our son with everything from high school course selection to extracurricular activities and other areas that will be of benefit to his college education.  We have found Maya to have a very approachable and calm demeanor that has been beneficial in helping our son feel more focused and less stressed about the future college admissions process.  She is very skilled at assessing the individual student’s goals and personality, and then working within that framework to help create a plan for them that feels attainable.  Maya is extremely efficient and organized and has provided us with many pieces of information and tips that have been imperative to ensuring that our son is on the right path to meet his future educational goals.  We have been greatly impressed with how, through working with Maya, our son has become motivated to really do some deep thinking about where his true interests and desires lie in order to set the groundwork for choosing a major and future college selection.  We greatly look forward to continuing to work with Maya now and in the future as we have other children who will soon need guidance in this area as well. We have every confidence that her knowledge and skills of the college admissions process, as well as her support of our son, will guide him toward achieving not only his educational goals but achieving his true potential. 

Kim T.

Dr. Haig was fundamental throughout the college application processes for our sons Rodrigo and Pedro, both accepted at their top college choices. Rodrigo was accepted at the University of California, Berkeley and Pedro at the NYU Stern Business School. Jeff is a very experienced professional and very keen on guiding students to realize their full potential. Jeff takes the college application process seriously, with integrity and an ethical approach. He works by motivating the students and by driving clear objectives, inspires them to put incremental effort and go beyond in their quest for higher goals. The college application process is very complex, especially for parents like us that did not attend college in the US and want to guide our sons to the best of their competencies. Jeff led all the meetings with our sons with a lot of energy, drive, and by challenging them to enhance their skills and capabilities. He inspired them to dream and accomplish big goals. The results are tangible and we definitely recommend Dr. Haig’s services.

Again, thank you and all the best to you.

Roberto and Renata Palmaka, Parents

NYU, Scholarship

I was extremely pleased at the outstanding job that Mr. Haig did to help me organize, research, and guide me through the application process. He goes above and beyond his job, is personable and cares for every one of his students. I am certain that his work helped me get into a great school. Thank you so much Mr. Haig!

EJ Wong

Boston University, Scholarship

Mr. Haig truly has helped me throughout the entire college admissions process. He worked with me to ensure that my application stood out and I was seen as a very qualified candidate. As we began he worked with me to create a comprehensive list of colleges that included safeties, reaches, and target schools to apply to. Throughout my time working with him he would always check to make sure that I would get my applications completed well before their deadlines. He would also always double and even triple-check my essays to ensure that they were exciting and eloquently written. With his help, I am excited to be attending my dream university of UCLA and I am incredibly thankful for the hard work and effort he has provided me with this past year.

Alex Kermani

UCLA, Scholarship

Dr. Haig was extremely helpful to me in the college admissions process. I learned a lot working with him, and I believe that the information I learned will help me in the future. He really cares about his students and their success. He made the college admissions process much easier with his vast experience and knowledge.

Nima Dasmalchi

Dr. Haig has been instrumental with my college essays. He made corrections over and over again, until we were all satisfied. Thank you so much Jeff!

Ali Bayer

Boston College, Scholarship

“Dr Haig has been extremely helpful with guiding me towards my applications to different universities. He navigated me with a very systematic, step-by step process towards what a rigorous application turned out to be very successful. Dr Haig is an extremely responsive, caring and attentive counselor anyone could have towards anyone’s goal to success. Thank you for all your help Dr Haig!”


Annabella Budiman


I have officially committed to Cal Poly SLO! I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me be successful in my college adventure. You taught me how to write a compelling college essay and how to assess and research each university. Thank you for your help!

Christopher Cruttenden Jr

CSU Poly SLO, Scholarship

Jeff helped me a lot with the college admissions process. My parents and I did not have a good understanding of the college application process including putting together great applications, and developing strong essays, and Jeff provided great support and guidance.  I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to get through the long an overwhelming college application process without the help of Jeff. With the help of assigned deadlines and scheduled meetings, I was able to stay on track and complete my applications well before their deadlines. Thank you again!

Marissa Moore

Texas Christian University

Thank you for all of your help, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Lee McEligot

UC Irvine, Scholarship

Walking into the college admission process we were entirely clueless. With Jeff’s expertise, we were able to navigate our way through the process and find the best options for our son. He spent countless hours with our son to create a customized, tailored application that matched his personality and effectively presented his achievements and strengths.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Jeff Haig for parents and students looking for an expert genuinely supporting them every step of the way through the complex application process.

Yasi S., Parent

Stanford University, Scholarship

A huge thank you for helping towards my applications! I couldn't have done it better without you! My goals afterwards my undergraduate at UCSD would probably be aiming towards my masters in UCLA.


Annabella Budiman

UCSD, Scholarship

Thank you so much for your advice and guidance on the college planning and admission process. Based on your guidance Tooba was able to get into some good schools.

Ultimately, Tooba has decided to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison because of their great financial aid package and many research opportunities for undergraduate students.

Humera Qadeer

University of Wisconsin, Scholarship

Jeff was an extremely helpful mentor, especially when it came to completing essays far before their due date. This allowed for not only many needed revisions but also a very flexible after-school schedule as application deadlines approached. Alongside reviewing my essays, Jeff Haig has guided me in which extracurricular activities to pursue in order to stand out in the eyes of admissions officers. He has also offered many seemingly small tips in the application process that ultimately make a big difference, from how to approach and prepare for interviews to how to format and word my accomplishments. I can confidently say that I would not have gotten this far without Jeff’s help.

Kind regards,

Alex Wazzan

UCLA, Scholarship

Dr. Haig is an expert in his field. He is genuine in his interactions and inspiring in his intentions. Whether you feel lost in the college application process or even confident in your academic endeavors, Dr. Haig always has something to bring to the table. I was able to be admitted to all my dream schools through his guidance — something that goes beyond monetary value. It’s clear that Strategic College Consulting is the best place to seek advice and guidance for anything related to college.

Nikki Patel

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

For my husband and me, the college application process was overwhelming.  When we met with Jeff, he was able to explain the process and help us navigate it with our son.  The college process can be very daunting:  from the college research and college visits, to essays and the application process.  There’s a lot involved. Jeff is extremely organized and was able to help our son navigate that process and keep him organized and on track.   This alone is priceless.

Jeff is also very knowledgeable of the different universities and was a wealth of information to us.  He introduced our son to colleges he hadn’t thought of before.

Jeff took the time to get to know our son, learn about his interests, and develop those interests and skills to match him with the right university.   He helped our son with his high school class selection to help him be more competitive.  Jeff was always available by phone or e-mail or office visit.

Jeff was a pleasure to work with!  We gladly refer him to anyone looking for a college consultant!

Michelle & Dan Wong

Boston University, Scholarship

Dr. Haig was instrumental in my college application process. He helped me throughout the entire experience, from picking where to apply, to completing scholarship applications. His expertise and credentials contributed greatly to alleviating my stress while I navigated the application process. Dr. Haig taught me essay-writing strategies, and the skills required for writing effective descriptions of experiences that I can now apply to future applications I will face. I am so grateful to have had this crucial help getting into top universities.

Zoey Agle

UCLA, Scholarship

I first learned about Dr. Haig’s service when I received math tutoring next door from Marcia Dutton. Many people had explained to me the importance of college counselors and how having one would improve my chances of getting into good schools, so I decided to start the service, and it was a choice I did not regret. Dr. Haig runs a very organized, methodical college plan that can build a strong application. He knows what colleges are looking for in an applicant due to his years of his experience in the college admissions process, and applies that knowledge to essay writing, interviews, and other application supplements. Without his help, I would have had a weaker application that did not highlight my strengths. College applications are foreign and stressful for students, but counselors like Dr. Haig have the skills to guide them in the right direction and ensure success.


Nicholas Liu

Emory University, Scholarship

We entered Jeff’s office the first meeting feeling daunted and confused about the whole college admission process. We left that first meeting with a personalized plan that ultimately got my son accepted into his top choice college and major.

Jeff helped my son set goals, explored and chose colleges that they both felt were a good fit and within reach, helped him build on his strengths to develop a strong resume, worked with him tirelessly on college essays and was always available to answer questions. Jeff’s methodical approach kept my son on track, pushed him when he needed pushing and eliminated the stress we saw in other students as deadlines were fast approaching.

Jeff’s first-hand experience as an application reader for the UCLA Scholarship Admissions Committee gives him an advantage in knowing exactly what colleges are looking for as they read thousands of applications and essays each application season. A huge thank you to Dr. Jeff!

Rachael Kadell, Parent of Colton

Texas A&M College of Engineering, Scholarship

There are many people I have to thank for my successes, but I would be remiss if I did not explicitly thank Dr. Jeff Haig who showed such great patience and diligence in helping me prepare my college applications. With Dr. Haig, my essays were brainstormed, rewritten, and edited countless of times. In between our meetings each week, Dr. Haig would constantly help me rework my essays so that when we did meet, we would have a much improved essay to work off of. Often times and to my surprise, I would get emails and revisions from him in the early hours of the morning, indicating how just how much dedication he was putting into my college applications. Clearly I am not his only student, and I can only imagine how much time he has put in for all his other students’ portfolios. He was always happy to provide help whenever I needed it and would do so by a variety of methods including emails, phone calls, Skype calls, and face-to-face meetings.

Before I met Dr. Haig, I was completely lost and overwhelmed by the college application process. He helped me gain more insight to the college application and selection process. He maximized my applications’ potential by focusing on my strengths and working on my weaknesses. Besides editing my essays, he also helped me prepare for interviews. As an interviewer for UCLA, Dr. Haig was able to give me incredible tips to what I should expect from interviews and what I should and should not say in order to make me stand out from the thousands of other interviewees.

Even after the college application process was over, Dr. Haig offered advice on which colleges would best suite my passions and goals, explored scholarship opportunities with me, and walked me through the transition period between high school and college which was just as hectic as the application period itself.

I am so happy I had Dr. Haig with me through the crazy journey that is the college application process. With his help, I was able to attend the college of my dreams and get accepted to many other amazing universities with thousands of dollars in scholarships. There are not many things I would change about my high school experience, except that I wish I had sought out Dr. Jeff Haig’s help at Strategic College Consulting sooner!

Ellen Liu

The University of Chicago

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