We help international students navigate the US educational system. Services include introduction, college planning, application support, and all necessary paperwork.

I was clueless when it came to my college applications and the college admissions process. Jeff really helped me a lot by going through the entire college process with me, from beginning to end. Most importantly, he developed a strategy for me that allowed me to stand out from other college applicants. I was always able to get help whenever I needed it, and now I am going to a great college that I have always wanted to go to!

Michelle Lee

Wellesley College, Scholarship

I wanted to tell you that I got in to UCLA, which has been my top choice as I mentioned. Thank you so much for your helps in the waitlist process I appreciate it a lot. I enrolled in UCLA so I will be in LA in the next four years. Warmest regards.

Ela Talu

Ela is accepted to UCLA, which was her dream since she was very little. Thank you very much for your outstanding consultancy and support. I will keep recommending you and your consultancy both in LA and Turkey. And wish you a good luck and big success for the future.

Esen Talu, Parent


Jeff helped me find a college that was a great fit for me. It was a pleasure working with him--he guided me every step of the way through the daunting college admissions process. I have grown a lot through that process, which has helped me find my true self and what I'm capable of.

So Young Moon

UC San Diego, Scholarship

Jeff Haig introduced new dimensions to the title "college counselor." His sincere concern and genuine commitment to my future strengthened my trust in him. Jeff was always patient and understanding; he never tried to push me and he was willing to adjust to my schedule. My time with him never felt like a waste for he taught me information that I could carry in college and beyond. Jeff is the perfect person to receive guidance from because besides his credentials, he genuinely cares for those whom he advises.

Crystal Park

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

Jeff helped me a lot with the college admission process. I did not have a good understanding of the college application process including selecting colleges, putting together great applications, and developing first-rate essays, and Jeff provided strong support and guidance. He inspired me to the highest standards. Thank you Jeff!

Gi. L.

Purdue University

Jeff provided and guided me to get into a great college. He is dedicated and committed to me and other students. He made the college admissions process much easier. Also, I never felt I wasted my time and money, because Jeff gave me a lot of information and knowledge that I can carry with me in college.

Gaeun Oh

Syracuse University, Scholarship

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