Paying for College

We help families demystify the financial aid process. Many of our students get great scholarship offers from the colleges they apply to including full-rides. Additionally, we help students target specific scholarships from the thousands available.

Scholarship areas include:

  • College specific scholarships
  • Corporations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Private donors

We will help students apply for scholarships and get money to help them pay for their college education. With college so expensive today, it is important that students take advantage of every financial opportunity available.

Additionally, many students and parents think that money is only available for top performing students. This is not true as there are thousands of scholarship opportunities available, which include criteria that is outside of students’ academic performance.

Let us help you get money for college so that you can go to the college of your dreams.

Thank you so much for all you did for me these last four years. You have truly been a great guide and mentor for me throughout the entirety of the college process. Beginning with our first meeting in my freshman year of high school, you immediately got to work analyzing my academic interests and explaining the best routes for me to take over the next four years to be able to get into a college of my choice. Thanks to you, I was able to have a solid idea of the coursework and extracurricular activities I would pursue throughout my high school career. In addition, you were instrumental for me in finding the best summer internships and research opportunities to take part in.

While many of my fellow classmates seemed to be struggling to find a sense of direction when it came to the college process, I felt confident at every point along the way that I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it.

Additionally, my actual process of forming an application could not have run as smoothly as it did without your help. I applied to a lot of schools, and I was able to email you every draft of every essay I wrote in the application process. You were always quick to give me detailed and valuable feedback. Not only were you always available for help via email, but you were also there for in-person meetings whenever I needed them. Not only did this greatly improve the quality of my applications, but it also gave me a peace of mind many high school seniors are unable to maintain.

In the end, I was accepted to many prestigious universities, and I received considerable scholarships at several of them. Due in large part to your help, I will be studying at Brown University next year.

Zayn Biviji

Brown University, Scholarship

Dr. Haig was instrumental in my college application process. He helped me throughout the entire experience, from picking where to apply, to completing scholarship applications. His expertise and credentials contributed greatly to alleviating my stress while I navigated the application process. Dr. Haig taught me essay-writing strategies, and the skills required for writing effective descriptions of experiences that I can now apply to future applications I will face. I am so grateful to have had this crucial help getting into top universities.

Zoey Agle

UCLA, Scholarship

We strongly recommend Jeff Haig to anyone seeking consulting services for undergraduate admissions. We were impressed with Jeff's knowledge during our very first consultation visit. He has the background and experience to make the complex application process go smoothly. With his assistance through a series of meetings, we were able to identify the list of colleges and make several significant decisions during this process.

Jeff has a keen sense in showcasing the best of student's achievements when reviewing various essays and provides key points that are tailored to each application. He motivates the student to put in the effort to submit the best application not only for admissions but also for potential scholarships if possible. He is always accessible through phone, emails, and/or scheduling one-on-one meetings.

With his support and guidance, our daughter secured admissions and scholarships at various top-ranked private and public universities. We look forward to using him again for our son. Thank you Jeff!

Shyamala and Raja, Parents

University of Texas Forty Acres Scholarship (full ride scholarship)

Moving my son during his junior year was a challenge, we ended up feeling behind in our college planning. Jeff helped us put it all in perspective. He was encouraging to Jackson, helping him to find college choices I truly don't think he would have considered before. Not only are we thrilled with his decision to go to the University of Oregon, I feel confident it is the perfect match and the fact that he was offered a scholarship is also a huge bonus. Jeff is an expert at not only the college application process but empowering students to explore their options.

Patty Bucklen, Parent

University of Oregon, Scholarship

Thank you for all of your help, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Lee McEligot

UC Irvine, Scholarship

I am so happy I had Dr. Haig with me through the crazy journey that is the college application process. With his help, I was able to attend the college of my dreams and get accepted to many other amazing universities with thousands of dollars in scholarships.

Dr. Haig was incredibly helpful in getting me accepted into my dream school. My essays and application were shaky at first, but through his guidance became solid and convincing. It is thanks to him that I will be able to call myself a USC Trojan.

Cody Pham

USC, Dean's Scholarship

Dr. Haig was fundamental throughout the college application processes for our sons Rodrigo and Pedro, both accepted at their top college choices. Rodrigo was accepted at the University of California, Berkeley and Pedro at the NYU Stern Business School. Jeff is a very experienced professional and very keen on guiding students to realize their full potential. Jeff takes the college application process seriously, with integrity and an ethical approach. He works by motivating the students and by driving clear objectives, inspires them to put incremental effort and go beyond in their quest for higher goals. The college application process is very complex, especially for parents like us that did not attend college in the US and want to guide our sons to the best of their competencies. Jeff led all the meetings with our sons with a lot of energy, drive, and by challenging them to enhance their skills and capabilities. He inspired them to dream and accomplish big goals. The results are tangible and we definitely recommend Dr. Haig’s services.

Again, thank you and all the best to you.

Roberto and Renata Palmaka, Parents

NYU, Scholarship

I have officially committed to Cal Poly SLO! I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me be successful in my college adventure. You taught me how to write a compelling college essay and how to assess and research each university. Thank you for your help!

Christopher Cruttenden Jr

CSU Poly SLO, Scholarship

Walking into the college admission process we were entirely clueless. With Jeff’s expertise, we were able to navigate our way through the process and find the best options for our son. He spent countless hours with our son to create a customized, tailored application that matched his personality and effectively presented his achievements and strengths.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Jeff Haig for parents and students looking for an expert genuinely supporting them every step of the way through the complex application process.

Yasi S., Parent

Stanford University, Scholarship

A huge thank you for helping towards my applications! I couldn't have done it better without you! My goals afterwards my undergraduate at UCSD would probably be aiming towards my masters in UCLA.


Annabella Budiman

UCSD, Scholarship

I was extremely pleased at the outstanding job that Mr. Haig did to help me organize, research, and guide me through the application process. He goes above and beyond his job, is personable and cares for every one of his students. I am certain that his work helped me get into a great school. Thank you so much Mr. Haig!

EJ Wong

Boston University, Scholarship

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