College Transfer Help

Looking for college transfer help? We help students transfer from both a community college to a 4-year university or from one university to another. It is important that students have the right game plan to ensure their transfer will be successful. We will provide college transfer help in the form of guidance, strategy, and know-how to make the student’s transfer as successful as possible.

We will help the student in every part of the application process to make sure it goes smoothly and successfully.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive student profile review
  • Strategic game plan for every step of the transfer process, both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Create an engaging and dynamic application for college admissions to ensure maximum success
  • Help to develop powerful and tactful admissions essays that considers all of the student’s unique characteristics
  • Coach the student on interviewing techniques and strategies to help him/her succeed in this area of the application process
  • Highlight all of the areas of the college application process to ensure that the student is fully informed and entirely prepared when applying

Thank you again for all of the guidance and words of wisdom that contributed to me attending the university of my dreams in the fall.

Bristol Coon


My son is very fortunate to have Jeff as his college coach who guided my son from the start as an Irvine Valley College freshman to the finish as an Haas junior at Berkeley. Jeff is extremely helpful, responsive, and professional.

Brendon Ho, Parent

UC Berkeley

First of all, I am glad that my friend (Jai) recommended you. You helped me realize my full potential. Throughout my life, I felt embarrassed that I couldn't attend top universities. However, thanks to Dr. Haig, I was encouraged, motivated, and accepted to many of the universities that I applied to. I would have never thought that I could get accepted to my dream schools such as USC's Marshall School of Business and UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business from community college. You dedicated your time to guide me throughout the application process. If it wasn't for Dr. Haig, I wouldn't be able to be call myself a student in the second best business school in the nation. Thank you so much for all of your help."

Mehul Aghi

UC Berkeley

Dr. Haig was instrumental in my college application process. He helped me throughout the entire experience, from picking where to apply, to completing scholarship applications. His expertise and credentials contributed greatly to alleviating my stress while I navigated the application process. Dr. Haig taught me essay-writing strategies, and the skills required for writing effective descriptions of experiences that I can now apply to future applications I will face. I am so grateful to have had this crucial help getting into top universities.

Zoey Agle

UCLA, Scholarship

This letter is to commend Dr. Jeffery Haig for his extensive, effective, honest, and rewarding assistance in my college transfer application and transition process. The process began with discovering what I wanted from a school. Dr. Haig was patient, but wasted no time getting to the heart of what I was looking for. After just one session, he was able to draw out my desires for a school with academic stimulation, campus spirit, and endless/daily opportunities.

Not only did he find me a school that would fit me comfortably, but also one that would set me up for the best future. Dr. Haig tailored my college selection to best fit me personally and academically. After a few sessions, Dr. Haig and I created a list of colleges that would best suit my expectations and developed a personal ranking for each school. The application process was demanding, but Dr. Haig made it all the easier by managing me with homework assignments and independent due dates for different parts/steps of the application.

Dr. Haig’s skills truly revealed themselves when he described exactly what colleges were looking for in essays, personal questions, and presentation. His knowledge and advice was endless and extremely useful.

After the application process, hard work in my academics (encouraged by Jeff), and overall persistence, I was ecstatic to find that I had been accepted into a university 30 ranks higher than the one I was currently enrolled in.

Dr. Jeffrey Haig’s advice, plan, and assistance have provided me with a new and brighter future in which I will undoubtedly succeed.

Gregg Caine


Dr. Haig is an expert in his field. He is genuine in his interactions and inspiring in his intentions. Whether you feel lost in the college application process or even confident in your academic endeavors, Dr. Haig always has something to bring to the table. I was able to be admitted to all my dream schools through his guidance — something that goes beyond monetary value. It’s clear that Strategic College Consulting is the best place to seek advice and guidance for anything related to college.

Nikhil Aghi

UC Berkeley, Scholarship

A huge thank you for helping towards my applications! I couldn’t have done it better without you! My goals afterwards my undergraduate at UCSD would probably be aiming towards my masters in UCLA.


Annabella Budiman

UCSD, Scholarship

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