At Strategic College Consulting, we have unmatched experience and education which has allowed us to successfully get our students into the best colleges every year. Our combined backgrounds of college planning, direct admission experience, strategy, marketing, essay writing, career planning, interview prep, and more, has allowed us to help each student figure out their college admissions strategy.

How do I know if my consultant is qualified?

A qualified college admissions consultant will have formal training in college counseling as well as additional qualifications, experience, and expertise. The consultants at Strategic College Consulting hold masters and doctoral degrees from top universities in the world with specific strengths in the areas we focus on. These universities include Harvard, UCLA, USC, and UC Berkeley.

We have all been educated through the UCLA College Counseling Program. This program covers important topics including college planning, testing, admissions, scholarships, special needs, to name a few.

Additionally, we have direct admissions experience which has given us a deeper understanding of the admissions process. This has allowed us to understand what admission officers look for in a successful candidate.

We also have strong backgrounds in strategy, marketing, essay writing, interview prep, and career planning, which allows us to help our students more effectively in these important areas.

We are part of national organizations including the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, Higher Education Consultant Association, and Western Association for College Admissions Counseling.

Our combined experience, education, and skill set make us unmatched in the field of college planning and admissions giving our students the best guidance maximizing their results.

Is the cost of an education consultant worth it?

Students have different types of coaches from sports coaches to extracurricular activity coaches to academic coaches. One of the most important areas of a student’s life is college planning and the impact college planning and admissions has on a student’s short-term and long-term goals.

Effective, strategic, and results-oriented college planning can play a significant role in students’ lives, helping them get into their dream colleges, and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships. Additionally, when students get into their dream colleges with lots of scholarship money, this greatly impacts, in a significant and positive way, future professional school opportunities and career goals!

At Strategic College Consulting, we help students, year after year, get admitted into their choice colleges, earning them tens of thousands of dollars, and many times, hundreds of thousands of dollars, in scholarships. Our fees, in many instances, pay for themselves, with students getting many scholarship awards.

Can a college consultant guarantee my child admission to a specific school?

While we can equip each child with the tools, strategies, and information needed to be a competitive applicant, there is no guarantee that he/she will be accepted to certain colleges.

No ethical college consultant will guarantee admission to their clients. However, we work closely with each student to maximize his/her chance of success. We are proud of the work we do each year to help students succeed to their fullest potential in the college planning and admissions process.

What experience do you have getting students into great colleges?

Our students get into the very best colleges year after year. These colleges include the Ivy League universities, top private and public colleges, small liberal art colleges, specialty programs, and more. Students get into a variety of colleges every year on the west coast, east coast, and every other part of the country. Some of our students even get accepted internationally. We help students in many different areas of interest including medical, engineering, business, law, the arts, and more!

How much support do we get and how long does the support last?

Each student gets assigned an expert college consultant with decades of education and experience. Students do not get passed off to a junior consultant, and they do not work in group settings. Students work directly with an experienced consultant who develops an individualized and customized strategic game plan to get the best possible results.

We help students through the entire college planning and application process until they earn their acceptances. We continue to assist students by helping them evaluate their offers and giving them advice as they transition to their chosen colleges. We are truly here for our students because we want them to succeed and reach their full potential!

Can we schedule hourly appointments?

Our philosophy is that a comprehensive and systematic approach best helps students. Simply, working with students through the entire process is how we get the best results. Therefore, we offer personalized packages only.

Who is our program not for?

Our program is designed for students who are ready to put in the work and reach their full potential. Similar to a class, a student’s success will correlate with him/her being open to the learning process, how hard he/she works, and his/her motivation level.

Can an education consultant help a student with a low GPA?

Yes! There is a good college for everyone. Whether the student is an AP/IB student with straight As or an average student in regular classes, we will help the student find a college that is the best fit for him/her, and we will develop a strategic game plan that will make him/her competitive for admissions.

When should my child start working with a college consultant?

College admission officers will evaluate and assess different areas of a student’s performance during the high school years. This can include grades, classes taken, testing, extracurricular activities, awards, volunteer opportunities, and more. Therefore, it is a good idea to start working with a college consultant as early as possible. An early start will give students a competitive edge in the college planning and admissions process.

How do we get started?

After our informational meeting, we will set-up the first meeting. We look forward to helping you reach your full potential in the college planning and admissions process!

Our Commitment

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