How We Are Different from Other College Consultants

  1. We have been in the college planning, admissions, and student success field for over 20 years, with a combined experience of over 40 years. Our team has credentials from world-renowned universities including Harvard, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and USC.
  2. We have worked as college consultants in the public, private, and domestic/international sectors in areas including college consulting, admissions, test prep, learning strategies, and career planning. We also have worked with many different types of students, including those with developmental and special needs (ADD, anxiety, stress, and depression for example).
  3. We have a proven track record of getting students into the best colleges year after year, including great private and public universities on the west and east coast, and everything in between, as well as international colleges. Students have earned acceptances to every Ivy League university at our office, as well as many other great colleges, including smaller liberal arts colleges. We help students who have passions in many different areas including medicine, law, engineering, business, the arts, and more.
  4. Each student is given highly personalized care, attention, and a custom-tailored game plan unique to his/her needs and interests to maximize his/her college planning and admissions success!
  5. We work with a small, limited group of students every year so we can provide unique, personalized, customized care that is thoughtful, strategic, and results oriented.
  6. We are more than just a college consultant, admissions, and student success company. We have an educational blog, a 20-time international award-winning educational book, a podcast show, and a college consulting newsletter that goes out regularly to students based on their grade level and where they are in their educational journey. Additionally, we have developed online programs, bootcamps, essay, interview, scholarship, and college prep workshops. In essence, we are an all-encompassing college consultant, admissions, and student success company that gives students all the important tools, strategies, and resources to help them succeed to their fullest potential and get into their choice college.
  7. We meet weekly as a team to review client files and to develop the best, most cohesive, and comprehensive strategy to help students in their educational and admissions goals.
  8. We eliminate the confusion and stress by letting you know what matters most, and what is most relevant and important for a specific student’s needs, abilities, and desires. We help students sort through the overwhelming quantity of information to provide clarity, and understanding and to deliver maximum impact when developing a student’s game plan for college admissions.
  9. We help families understand and maximize scholarship award money to pay for college. We have saved students/families hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by helping them get money to help pay for the exorbitant cost of college through partial, half/full-ride merit, chancellor, and president’s scholarships, as well as for profit/non-profit companies, for example.

Our Commitment

We’re dedicated to helping families navigate the college and financial planning process and developing a game plan that will maximize college admissions success. We're excited to learn more about your goals, your current situation, and answer any questions you may have.

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