How to Get Scholarship Money for College

It’s college acceptance time for many students throughout the country. Students have learned, and are continuing to learn what colleges they will be accepted to.

But college is not just about getting in. It’s also about paying for the high cost of a college education. Some students are going to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships while others will simply get an acceptance letter, if that.

So how do students maximize the amount of free money they can potentially get to help pay for college?

High grades and test scores count – Colleges reward those students who have excellent grades and test scores. The higher your scores, the better the chances of earning scholarships for college. If you have a high GPA and excellent test scores, you can open yourself up to a lot of scholarships.

Student involvement in extracurricular activities — Activities that can give you leadership, depth of involvement, measurable results, and honors and awards can help you win college scholarships. The bigger the impact you make in your extracurricular activities, the more potential opportunities you can have for earning college scholarships.

Students with a specific talent – Students can get a lot of scholarship money for special talents. These talents include sports, music, arts, film, and more. If you have a talent in an area, you can use this talent as a leveraging point to win money to help pay for college.

Students who overcame a challenge – College admission officers like to see students who can bounce back from adversity and persevere on. Part of a student’s story can be how he/she overcame challenges to become the successful student that he/she is today. Admissions officers like to see students who can succeed through challenges.

As college acceptances continue to roll in for students, students are going to learn which colleges they are accepted to. The goal is to earn acceptance to your dream college and earn as much free money as possible.

Follow the steps we have outlined above and you will open yourself up to getting as much free money for college as possible.

In Success,

Dr. Jeff and Dr. Brian Haig