The Summer Game Plan Part II

In our previous summer game plan blog article, we discussed how to have a fun, yet strategic summer. We discussed important areas to pursue including taking an extra class, pursuing enrichment opportunities, volunteering, and finding a part-time job.

In this blog article, we are going to discuss additional opportunities you can pursue in the summer that can help you stand out in the college admissions process. Here they are:

Read Non-required Books – A lot of teachers assign summer reading. This can include AP prep work and additional readings. However, students should develop a passion for reading outside of what’s required. Reading develops important skills such as critical thinking, comprehension, vocabulary, and more.

Additionally, many colleges ask in college applications and in interviews what non-required books they have enjoyed reading. Develop a passion for reading which will help you in college planning and in life.

Become Culturally Enriched – The world is a global, culturally rich place. Students who can understand, adapt, and appreciate other cultures, will be at an advantage in college and in life. College admission officers want diverse students so engage in the world in many ways—become culturally enriched. This will help you stand out in the college admissions process.

Become Intellectually Curious – Colleges admissions officers want students who are intellectually curious. There are many ways to demonstrate intellectual curiosity that goes beyond coursework and testing. Some examples include visiting museums, watching live shows (Broadway, music, tv, etc.), seeing documentaries and foreign movies, and much more. Being intellectually curious will allow you to learn, grow, and be a more competitive college applicant.

Visit Colleges – Although visiting colleges during the summer is not ideal because you will not be able to experience the colleges when they are in session and most active, sometimes you may not have time during the school year. Visiting colleges during the summer can still give you an opportunity to experience what the college is about. You can get a sense of the culture of the college, the departments’ strengths, community, and more.

Become Adventurous – Becoming adventurous is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and growing as an individual. College admissions officers like adventurous students. Becoming adventurous can mean learning a new language, visiting a new country, learning a new hobby or sport, picking up a musical instrument, and more. The goal is to focus on pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and growing as a student.

We hope you have enjoyed these additional opportunities you can pursue in the summer to help you have a fun, yet strategic summer. The goal is to enjoy your summer, but also pursue opportunities that will help you become more competitive as a college applicant.

Dr. Jeff Haig, Dr. Brian Haig, and Maya Kelley, MS